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This new site didn't like my old password. Not sure why, but this new site wouldn't send an email to reset my password. Says it has but nothing ever comes. I tried another email and said didn't exist. I created a new user. Tried on PC, tablet. No difference. Not sure if there's a bug in the system. Do we have to verify after each post, despite being logged in? That's tedious. And off-putting.

Just found another thread and that didn't require verification. Is this only for first post? Doesn't look like it's required now

Hi Richard,

We're still adjusting the settings and have found some limitations with what we can do.

>> This new site didn't like my old password.

Correct, this is a new forums, so new accounts would need to be created.

>> I created a new user. 

Users will need to verify their email address with the link sent from  You only need to do this once. 

>> Do we have to verify after each post

Once you've verified your account, it's done and you can freely post in the forums.

Hello Richard,

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