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Transition from ACD to Canvas GFX

 As a long-time (very long-time!) user, I am happy to see Canvas become independent once again.  I am curious how the transition will work.

1.  Will our records from ACD be transferred over?

2.  How will our license membership function?  I see the information about "perpetual" licenses not being for new versions, although my  ACD subscription did include new versions.  Is there any advantage of a subscription over simply purchasing a license?

3.  Is GIS functionality in the future of Canvas Draw?


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1. Yes.  All information in acdID is moved to CanvasID exactly.  Security is intact, and you don't have to do anything.  ACD continues to assist with all of our transition steps.

2. That will be explained in more detail on the new site, but yes, you can get a perpetual license for a version of the product (forever) or a subscription.  If you're looking for the latest version at all times, you can upgrade your old license to the new version, or just continue with yearly subscription.  The advantage of the subscription is you automatically have the latest version at all times.  The advantage of the perpetual license is you have that forever.

3. If there is enough interest, it's possible.  We have to determine how to quantify that.  Perhaps with a question on these forums or a survey of some sort.


I used the GIS and Scientific Analysis modules in the old Mac Canvas and would be happy to pay for (more than) one copy of them now if they were available.

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