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Here's another topic for a test. So I've learned that only when you start a topic does it require not a robot verification. OK, can live with that.

I just tested the Insert Image icon. I used both choices, Upload and Link, in both cases the image is full size, but the reply does not show in thread because it needs to be approved, which so far is taking a very long time. I wonder if that's because no one is available to do the approval.

Just you and me so far :)

It's 18 minutes later and still no attachment post approval. Simon, who actually does the approval?

I got confused for a moment when I went to page 2 of the thread, I didn't realize the first post of the thread is duplicated at the top of page 2. It either shouldn't be there or it needs look different so it doesn't look like a reply.

Another problem, when I click the Post Comment button, it goes back to the top of Page 1, not to the last post on Page 2.

I guess I've become a beta tester. November 6 is right around the corner, so far this new forum is not ready for prime time.

Checking the sort order.

Added another post.

How the individual page sorts is very awkward. Choosing oldest first is a problem because adding a new post doesn't go to the end of the posts, only the beginning of the thread. To avoid that, all the thread pages have to be set to Newest First so when  you add a reply, it goes to it at the top of the first page.

So far it will not retain the change I made to the sort order, even though I change it to Newest First, it keeps going back to Oldest First.

Testing the sort order reply again.

An hour later and my attachment test post is still not showing.

Ten hours later and still no post with the attachment where I used a URL. I'll try it with the link +Attach a file..

Finally see my test attachments. This is not the way to run a forum.

I just realized that my attachment test is down in line at the time when I posted. I was expecting it to show up at the time it showed up, so maybe it showed much sooner than I thought. Here is another test.


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