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Here's another topic for a test. So I've learned that only when you start a topic does it require not a robot verification. OK, can live with that.

I just tested the Insert Image icon. I used both choices, Upload and Link, in both cases the image is full size, but the reply does not show in thread because it needs to be approved, which so far is taking a very long time. I wonder if that's because no one is available to do the approval.

I added another post with an attachment 50 minutes ago, sat at the computer refreshing the browser to see how long it would take to show up, still not so I'm done. I'll look for it later.

Hello, seconds ago I just turned off the reCAPTCHA requirement for new forum posts.  Let's see what it's like without that. -Simon

This is a reply to my new test topic with an attached file.

Looks good to me!  If you post with a link, that will require moderation from us, but attachments (at least images) are fine.  -Simon

Just you and me so far :)

Checking the sort order.

Can the attachment be shown full size in the post like the other forum?

There's way too long of a delay for attachment posts. I didn't see David Wood's until just now. In my opinion this forum does not have enough going for it.

When I do a reply, it does not show until I do a refresh.

Finally see my test attachments. This is not the way to run a forum.

So far I'm not liking this new forum. I'm a member of a few other forums that don't have these restrictions and also don't have spam that I've on some forums, the Talk Bass forum is a good one.

In addition, I really like being able to see an attachment and have my viewers see the attachment in full right in the post, not have to click to then see it. That's how all my other forums work, as is the current Canvas forum.

Added another post.

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