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Here's another topic for a test. So I've learned that only when you start a topic does it require not a robot verification. OK, can live with that.

Hello, seconds ago I just turned off the reCAPTCHA requirement for new forum posts.  Let's see what it's like without that. -Simon

This is a reply to my new test topic with an attached file.

Looks good to me!  If you post with a link, that will require moderation from us, but attachments (at least images) are fine.  -Simon

Can the attachment be shown full size in the post like the other forum?

When I do a reply, it does not show until I do a refresh.

Can't edit after posting. Also, don't want to receive reply email notification. Don't see an in forum notification.

Hello, I see the full size image (not a thumbnail) and there is an Edit button on my posts, but let me log in as another user. -Simon

(40.5 KB)

I don't see a full size image, only a thumbnail. No edit button, only a trash can. Getting email notification, would like to turn that off. I'm on a MacBook Pro, High Sierra and Safari 12.

Still have to do a refresh to see my last reply.

OK I've done some checking.  Here's what I have:

1. As admin or a user, when I click on your attachments, it opens a new tab and I see the full resolution image.  I don't see any settings for admin to force thumbnails or anything.  The only limitation appears that attachments cannot be larger than 20MB.  I'll try on Safari.

2. It appears there is no edit functionality to edit your posts.  That is strange for me.  Searching for a solution, it sounds like FreshDesk says they didn't want people posting something, having it approved by admin (which is an option), and then changing it to spam afterwards.  I don't think they have a solution yet for that.

3. I also get emails for threads I've posted in.  It appears there's no setting for me to turn that off, though that does appear to be the only way for someone to see a response to their post, so perhaps that's why there's no setting.  In the emails I'm receiving, there is a button "Turn Off Reply notifications for this topic". 

Thanks for all your testing Kohanmike! -Simon 

So far I'm not liking this new forum. I'm a member of a few other forums that don't have these restrictions and also don't have spam that I've on some forums, the Talk Bass forum is a good one.

In addition, I really like being able to see an attachment and have my viewers see the attachment in full right in the post, not have to click to then see it. That's how all my other forums work, as is the current Canvas forum.

An example of a picture inserted into a message:


Done for purposes of making sure they reproduce as expected.

(The editor here is very pared down compared to the vBulletin editor, but it has some things going for it, like the picture button, third from the right on the "tool bar." The button to the right of that looks like it handles YouTube links—and yes it does. Or the text foreground and background color buttons.)

(Incidentally, a classic trick of keyword stuffers is to paste all the keywords they want associated with a URL in a message with the text set set to the same color as the background. I'm wondering if we need that feature that badly.)

This is a test attaching a file using the Insert Image icon and Upload. Which shows a full size image.


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