Welcome to the new Forum!

Welcome! We're excited about the integrated support, forum, and knowledge base.  We're just getting this set up appropriately, so thank you for your patience.  Please let us know if anything seems out of place, missing, or incorrect.

I just tried to post a topic, seems that it's not ready yet. I see to prove we're not a robot, we have to go through a bunch of photos. Is that going to happen for every reply we do? If so, it's terribly cumbersome and is a deal breaker for me. You guys need to find another way to prevent junk from being posted.

Hello, I just found that setting, and you now don't have to do a verification to post in the forums.  We may have to turn this back on if there is too much spam.

Simon, anything new about the forum? Can it be modified to be easier to use?

Hello, yes, there are several settings that can be modified that we're just learning ourselves. I've also asked FreshDesk for some help with these settings.  We can be more or less restrictive using these settings that just need to be figured out.  -Simon

Has the official team been established yet? Is there going to be a tutorial on using this forum?

Is the old forum officially dead? I can't login with my proper name and password or a new password sent to me.

I finally got it.

I wish I could control things in my profile and settings like I can in other forums. 

I don't want email notifications.

I want to always view threads newest first and don't want to see the original post.

I want to be able to edit a post. 

I don't want to refresh my browser every time I post.

Thanks for a warm welcome. This forum look great. I am a Designer and works for Vector Art.

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